Designing sustainable land/farming system for the adaptation of Mediterranean agriculture under global changes: integrated assessment from field/farm to regional scales.

This seminar was organized by IAM.M in its campus. It gathered 31 participants from 10 different countries involved in projects on farming systems in Europe (“Seamless”) and in the Mediterranean: “Biosight” (CIHEAM-IAMM and IFPRI), the CGIAR CRP-Dryland Systems, the project "Scenarios for sustainable futures of Mediterranean agriculture based on ecosystem services supply" funded by the LABEX OT-MED, OPERAs and the project "landscape trajectories, drivers and impacts" carried out by the University of Evora in Portugal. Although these projects are very different in their scales of approach, they all converge to the analysis of levers for the sustainable intensification of Mediterranean agriculture. The cooperation between these projects will allow to exchange results and to consider a joint submission to next calls for research on mediterranean agriculture and food systems.

Considering the coincident framework of the research networks and the same interest on the Mediterranean agriculture dynamics/adaptation, we decided to organize this workshop among the project partners in order to discuss some common relevant issues in term of methodological approach and to stimulate exchange, networking and a scientific discussion about the dynamics of land use and farming systems in a process of sustainable intensification and adaptation to global changes of agriculture in the Mediterranean region. The workshop focused especially on the methodological challenges of different spatial scales integration, starting from the field and farm, which are the traditional spatial scales of agronomic studies, until the landscape and territory scales, integrating the role of local actors, and the regional scale where territorial policies are applied.

The output expectation was to stimulate exchange and networking among different existing and future projects around the Mediterranean region, starting from the common statement that an integration of different spatial and temporal scales is needed to design sustainable cropping-farming systems and propose and assess future scenarios of land system occupation and management. The cooperation between these projects will allow to exchange results and to consider joint bids in a future tender.

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