AGRO 2015 / FSD5


The 5th International Symposium for
Farming Systems Design

“Multi-functional farming systems in a changing world”

Le Corum conference center, Montpellier, France


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Day 1: Monday September 7 (Corum - Pasteur auditorium)

See the oral presentations of the plenary session

Plenary symposium "Farming Systems Design in Action: Methods, Achievements and Challenges"


8.00 am: Registration opening (Antigone area - level 2)

Session 1 (9.00-10.00 am): Introduction

Welcome and introduction of the symposium
Bernard Hubert, Agropolis International
Anne-Yvonne Le Dain, Vice President, Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Council
Systems analysis and design in agriculture
Jacques Wery, European Society for Agronomy

Session 2 (10.00-11.00 am): A need to redesign: examples of typical challenges
Chair: John Porter, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

10.00-10.20: "Revising the strategy of agriculture intensification: Designing ecological intensive farming systems in China: Challenges and strategies"
Chen Fu, College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, China
10.20-10.40: "A multiscale approach of innovation: Legumes as a driver of agroecological transition in France"
Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy, INRA, France
10.40-11.00: "From cropping systems design towards sustainable agrifood systems design: new challenges for agronomists"
Jean-Marc Meynard, INRA, France

11.00-11.30: Coffee- Break (Antigone area - level 2)

Session 3 (11.30-12.30 am): Drivers of change of agricultural systems
Senthold Asseng, University of Florida, USA

11.30-12.00: "Farming comes of age? Farm diversity, farm size, farm activities and structural changes in different regions of the world"
Ken Giller, Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands
12.00-12.15: “Path dependence and transition: a theoretical perspective on farm structures”
Zhanli Sun, Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies, Germany
12.15-12.30: "Applying yield gap analysis to identify options for sustainable intensification in livestock production systems"
Aart Van der Linden, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands

12.30-1.30: Lunch break (salon central - level 3)

Session 4 (1.30-2.45 pm): The Farm System as the core of the design process
Chair: Christine Watson, Scotland's Rural College, UK

1.30-2.00: "Beyond technology development and transfer: co-designing sustainable farm systems with farmers"
Santiago Dogliotti, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
2.00-2.15: "Innovation by smallholder farmers leading to more diverse and intensive farming systems"
Bill Bellotti, University of Western Sydney, Australia
2.15-2.30: "Analysing farming system design activities in the sight of Design Studies concepts"
Lorène Prost, INRA, France

2.30-2.45: “Bridging the gaps between ecological principles and actions for designing biodiversity-based agriculture”
Michel Duru, INRA, France

Session 5 (2.45-3.30 pm): The Landscape level as the core of the design process
Chair: Daniel Rodriguez, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, Australia

2.45 -3.00: "Exploration of windows of opportunity for improved nutrition, productivity and resource management at the landscape level"
Geroen Groot, Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands
3.00-3.15: "Impact of farming systems on agricultural landscapes and biodiversity: from plot to farm and landscape"
Gilles Martel, INRA, France

3.15-3.30: Discussion

Session 6 (3.30-4.00 pm): What public policies are needed for the design and implementation of sustainable agricultural systems?
Chair: Martin van Ittersum, WUR, The Netherlands

"Policies and institutions fostering sustainable agricultural systems"
Erik Mathijs, KU Leuven, Belgium

Session 7 (4.00– 5.00 pm): Conclusion: Challenges and prospects for research on agricultural systems analysis and design
Chair: Jacques Wéry, Montpellier Supagro, France

Round table consisting of a panel of funding, donor agencies or foundations, international research centers and private companies to provide feedback about the symposium and discuss where do they see future investments in research.

  • Peter Carberry, Deputy Director General-Research, ICRISAT, India
  • Patrick Caron, Scientific Director CIRAD, France
  • Pascal Kosuth, Director, Agropolis Fondation, France
  • Françoise Lescouret, Director of Research, INRA, France
  • Weili Liang, Professor, Hebei Agricultural University, China
  • François Prevost, Regional Delegate for the Alps, Société du Canal de Provence, France

5.00-6.30 pm: Coffee break and poster session (Antigone area - level 2)
Elsevier has the pleasure to offer two best poster awards (1st prize €200 and 2nd prize €150). The award committee will be made up of editors from top journal such as the European Journal of Agronomy, Agricultural Systems and members of the Scientific Committee. Selection will be based on the scientific quality of the 2-page submission and the presentation and originality of the poster itself. Be creative!

End of the symposium

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7 pm - 10.30 pm: Gala dinner - Mas de Saporta (in option - not included in registration fees)





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